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Legal Brief Printing in Boston, Massachusetts

Documents, Legal Brief Printing in Boston, MA

Bateman & Slade has been printing/copying briefs and appendices for a very long time – it’s our only business!  Lawyers use our services because they know their brief and appendix will be perfect and less expensive than preparing it in-house.

 We are experts in appellate procedure for every appellate court in America.  Why chance getting your brief/appendix thrown out?

 E-mail your Brief to us and we will put it in the proper format.  We prepare the table of contents, the table of authorities and any statutory addendum you may need.  Of course, we can accept your brief in a number of ways, but e-mail is the fastest.  We also file and serve for you at no additional charge.

 Give us a try and you will never dream of going it alone again.  Outsourcing saves time and money.  We look forward to helping you perfect your appeal.

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